Dear Visitor,

Since 2005, Sense.FM has worked with some of the most reputable EDM DJs and producers to hit the scene. A time when the electronic music industry saw a significant boom, bedroom talent was emerging, and new artists were establishing a name in the industry for themselves. In the consideration of being sought after as a fairly new and fresh concept, during its popularity height, Sense.FM was considered as one of the largest online radio stations on the web and iTunes music directory.

Over the next nine years, Sense.FM became a known household name serving as a launch platform for newly emerging talent. Artists such as Mark Sherry, Tritonal, Artento Divini, Claudia Cazacu, Suzy Solar, Faruk Sabanci, Shogun, Kyau & Albert, Matt Darey, Mark Eteson, Paul Trainer, RAM, Ronski Speed, Simon Pitt, and many others once occupied the airwaves of this station. Some of them even utilized the station as a launchpad for their djing careers.

The last nine years have been quite fortunate, entertaining, cheerful, exciting, and full of plenty of laughter. Being graced with the opportunity to work with such reputable talent has been nothing short of a phenomenal experience full of lively relationship building opportunities.

All good things come to an end, sooner or later and our time has come. Due to emerging technology, growth of on-demand popularity, time constraints, operational costs, time allocation, coordination, and general management, we felt that we owe it to our fans and listeners to cut ties for everyone's best interest.

It has been an absolutely amazing ride. There's far too many people who we'd like to thank that have contributed to the station in many different ways over the years. You know who you are though and we greatly appreciate the contribution.

Ivan & Rest of Management Team